Inspiration Rooms


Mrs. Claus' Garden

Flocked with frosted whites and deep reds, you'll find botanical bliss as you stroll through Mrs. Claus' North Pole garden at Acorn Home & Garden this holiday season.


In anticipation of travel opening back up for everyone, we were inspired to do the July Inspiration Room in the decor of a Boutique Hotel lobby. There are multiple traditional lounging areas with flares of modern art and accessories. All in all, a very relaxed feel.


This Inspiration Room was designed around a new selection of Taylor King fabric, a vintage Mediterranean Botanical durable linen look. Although the material is colorful, the colors are very muted and soft. The designs are made up of different types of trees overlapping other trees including palms, conifers, willows and olive.


This year’s Holiday Inspiration Room was designed to look like Scrooge’s home from A Christmas Carol. The rich jewel tone colors of deep greens, blues, and rusts or terra cotta mixed with holiday decor really drive home the fact that Christmas is on its way!


The dark, rich amber leather was paramount in inspiring the design of this room. From the unique area rugs to the handsome furniture and oversized abstract artwork, the invitation to grab a bourbon and relax awaits!


The Inspiration Room portrays some of the 2020 color trends for interior design with a color palette that adds a bright yet warm vibe to the room as you enter. The colors and textures are blended together to create a space that is versatile and allows for future rearranging of furniture pieces with ease. Four artistic watercolors of bridges in Paris, positioned above the sofa, created the initial inspiration for this design.


The Acorn Summer Inspiration Room is a fresh, colorful and updated version of a home office / living space. Acorn’s design team was inspired by a beautiful animal themed fabric that was used for the draperies. The beautiful blues and greens throughout the room helps to create a very relaxing interior.


The design was planned around one piece, a vintage bookmark, that was found in a 1900 Dutch book purchased at an estate sale. The new Inspiration Room is French Country influenced with transitional accents, soft colors and a vintage feel.


Looking for ideas for decorating your home this Christmas season? Spark your creativity by visiting the Winter Wonderland themed Christmas inspiration room at Acorn Home & Garden.

South Beach

This time it’s a South Beach theme, crisp whites and vibrant peacock colors! Our newly designed Inspiration Room debuts June 27th and brings Miami Beach to our showroom!

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