Acorn's Tale

The year is 1984, and an unknown college kid takes a side job at a local flower shop. His goal: to pay his way through school. The irony: he’s about to unearth an unexpected career. His unparalleled creativity and innovative eye for floral design soon earned him a solid reputation. Within four years he develops a loyal Marietta clientele. In 1988, this new talent launches Tony Whitlock Designs.

acorn owner1

Over the past two and a half decades, his creative energy has found outlets in interior design, as well as floral masterpieces. So it was only natural when Tony met Loriann Thibodeaux, a fellow Mariettan with an eye for design and a propensity toward business, that the two friends would channel their ingenuity and open a retail haven. Acorn Home & Garden was launched in 2005 as a headquarters for all things decor and floral in Marietta.

From irony to icon, Tony Whitlock has captured-and held- the hearts, gardens, and homes of Marietta for over 25 years… and counting.

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Today–although he’d shun the notion–Tony Whitlock is a Marietta icon. His sought-after floral designs have added a special touch to many weddings and events. He also has quite a following of Metro homeowners that rely on Tony’s holiday decorating to get them in mood of the season. Icon, truly.

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regular hours

  • Tues - Sat10 am - 6 pm
  • Sun12:30 pm - 5:30 pm
  • MonSeasonal